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Winter (the lunar chronicles) Book Review

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)Winter by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i need some to time to gather my emotions and thoughts around this whole book and maybe some time to catch up the things i had to study the last two days while i was in haze reading it
but just to tell you
i so far enjoyed every page
its one of the most beautiful things I've ever read ..


Oh stars , this series !!
as if made of sunshine and stardust
as if made of rainbows
is beautiful an enough compliment ?

i mean its a fat book and when you read more than 800 pages and you don't feel stumped not even once , you finish it before even you realize you did , when even the 800 pages feels so short , feels as if you need to read more , then this is more than just another Good Book .

Is it even fair to rate winter 5 ?!
How there aren't more stars to offer you Marissa , you brilliant writer !

one thing is : the longer the book the harder it is to keep it good , to avoid mistakes , and winter is long enough but OMG it was perfect !! every page laced with excitement down to each syllable . and between the fervor to read faster , to know whats next and the fear that i am a page closer to the end with every page i turn and the urge to re-read what i've just read . among these , my reading pace was variable , i was hanging in between with admiration .

I think The lunar chronicles has taken over my life .
its always there just near the surface of my thoughts , whenever i am bored , whenever i am not thinking of something in particular i find my mind lingering on the story .

I just ...


The queen turned, but Winter couldn’t look up. She was a girl made of ice and glass. Her teeth were brittle, her lungs too easily shattered.
“Yes,” said Levana. “I often forget she’s here at all. You’re about as useless as a rag doll, aren’t you, Winter?”
“Oh, no, she isn’t quite as useless as that,” Aimery said. As Winter stared, a thin crimson line drew itself across his throat, blood bubbling up from the wound. “The prettiest girl on all of Luna? She will make some member of this court a happy bride someday, I should think.”
“The prettiest girl, Aimery?” Levana’s light tone almost concealed the snarl beneath.
Aimery slipped into a bow. “Prettiest only, My Queen. But no mortal could compare with your perfection.

its a re-telling of snow white
who is not really white but a girl in color *creative* , Winter , the step-daughter of levana , the prettiest girl of luna , a girl with brown skin ,curly black hair and beautiful wide brown eyes .
winter has Lunar sickness which is a disease those how refuse to use their lunar gift suffer from .
she has these weird scary hallucinations .
“Because the palace walls have been bleeding for years, and no one else sees it“


i feel like hiding the next part for spoilers because trust me you have to receive as less spoilers as you can
you all deserve to read it with all the bewilderment you can spare

(view spoiler)

and winter's story is only 30 to 40 percent of the book , the rest of it was about our old friends
cress the genius , She would be brave. She would be heroic. She would make her own destiny. and Throne who is just as always , funny ,brave and charismatic .
I LOVED Scarlet and Wolf in this book even more than i did when i read Scarlet
and there was Kai and cinder she is really more than any of them had given her credit .

THE END was a happily ever after end but , i didn't feel exhilarated
not complaining ! its perfections compensates , i mean i was holding my breathes praying no one dies by the end of the story and no one did !
but still when the end came i felt like "wait ! there isn't more ! " , I dreaded this moment for too long this is maybe a reason. which is why i am trying too hard now not to feel like a deflated party balloon .
Besides i still want to know what will happen with all of them
maybe like attending their weddings or travelling the world with cress and throne
don't we deserve an invitation dear Marissa ? I am feeling a little bit hurt .
but it didn't affect the rating because , maybe what'sever , i would never be ready for a farewell .
till now I've read 1720 pages in this series , in four books and even through the first 500 i had this feeling , i didn't want this ever over , but here comes the end .

And they all lived happily to the end of their days.

and only now that i realized this sentence is kind of sad , you are setting the story free
its a farewell sentence .

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