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Scarlet Book Review

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Maybe he was leading her to her death.

Maybe Wolf was marching toward his.

this new story is a re-telling of "little red riding hood"
Wolf the street fighter and scarlet

I feel so grateful For whatever coincidence or what ever review led me here !To reading this heart-achingly beautiful series..its full of energy , amazing , all the characters and the feels..
you would be amped up reading it , you know you like some story when you start laughing on jokes you know you wouldn't understand if you haven't read it , following their blogs and pages and looking for the series fan-arts and sketches ..
its all fairy-like and i loved it !!!! I have this hollow feeling when i think that it may end , Though there are more three book to read and a band of short stories , But i still find my self slowing down on reading , re_reading every page
I dont know when i grew this fond of each character , when i got this attached to them , but it just happened
Even secondary characters , even levana and sybil , Every character literally , was amazing in its role ..
At the beginning it would be into three parts one is kaito POV , One With cinder running away from prison with thorne , And one of scarlet and wolf ,Until the latter two cross_roads at Paris .
kai was the same , just as in first book still making all the right decisions , really , i got used to fictional characters being so dramatic , they always kind of overreacted things , for the first time , here is a grown up character .
Thorne the new another character in this book for all you know , ya novel readers is the "i have a pretty face , dont touch my hair " boy
So funny , he's always like " ewww get that cockroach off me " or " How do i look in my prison picture ? " XD!
For some reason he reminded me of kenji kishimoto from shatter me series
Though there kenji was getting all the lights , here there are many interesting characters , so thorne was not the only one with charm
They all have it ..

Cinder , Dear cinder ,is still my ever favorite ‏<3 br="">And scarlet , with the scarlet curly hair
I always imagine her with the " i will find you and i will kill you " glare XD! , she is all ruthless and independent .

" I try to think for myself once in a while, rather than buy in to the ridiculous propaganda the media would have us believe.”

and Iko is back !!
i always find my self grinning at whatever she says , how can a robot be so funny !

The writing is still so good and almost shining , Funny , Full of adventures , So enjoyable , It would suck you in the story instantly .

And i was reading it and thinking*
They could fix cinder , she was almost dead , flesh burned , one hand and leg gone
But still they fixed her
If this in any way could happen in the future !
If medicine was developed enough to create cyborgs instead of people dying every day in accidents
If cinder could have been fixed , the scars that had to disfigure her where gone , they used prostheses , half heart made of silicon , skin crafts , part of her brain was all links and wires
If this could be a reality instead of fiction someday
This idea alone is thrilling
Think how many people would survive accidents
How many wont have to live with scarred faces anymore
One of the beautiful things in reading fiction Is that .. Its promising

one more thing : After reading scarlet tomatoes grew more beautiful and tasty , i have to admit XD!
I was looking at a Tomato and i was like
"if i saw this , tasted it for the first time , what would be my reaction? "
Because ! Wolf was drooling over them, that made me hungry every time XD !

All in all this book is highly recommended
anyone who likes fairy tales and who doesn't ?
you would love it * pinky promise *

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