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Cress ( the lunar chronicles) Book Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

550 pages in a day .
in mid-Exams ! * i think I've gone a little lunatic to do it *
SO , I have a new record here XD!
and review to come after my exams find an end to settle to
wish me luck ;)

EDIT ***

So here I am five days after finishing Cress
i thought that : As I'm going to write this review not directly after finishing the book , I would be a little less ... how to say it , well , less passionate about it
BUT here I am , just as excited !

its a re-telling of Rapunzel

the beautiful Rapunzel is cress ( crescent moon ) : we know her from the previous books as a girl communicated with cinder through some D-COMM from somewhere in the space and told her Levana's plans to invade earth and kill prince Kai

with a very long blond hair and daydreams even longer , imprisoned in a satellite in the space doing the lunar queen programming work as she is freaking talented with these computer things
a hacker Rapunzel in the space ( i really love the way marissa retell things , its so creative ! )

cinder and scarlet the previous two main characters are kinda similar , both brave and independent. cress is different. she is introvert , living in her own world of net dramas and fantasies , enthusiastic who gets fascinated by the smallest of the things , so innocent like a baby , a total sweetheart and not much of a damsel in distress she claims to be
I've read this quote some where and it reminds me of her :
“I don't damsel well. Distress, I can do. Damseling? Not so much.”

Thorne :
of-course Thorne was well present in the second book , its not that we are getting to know him here
but here he is not a secondary character but the hero of the story , the one who is supposed to save Rapunzel from her prison , though she kind of ended up saving them , *as i said not mush a damsel in distress*

back to Thorne he is still making me laugh ! this character is so funny with all the charisma in the world ! Though he tells this to every one he meets , But its not a claim , really
Just a truth over-told XD!

Kai as always still dealing with so much , yet managing to keep rational and realistic and making very good decisions !
cinder is still the character i so much adore <3 br="">wolf here is either grieve-stricken or a furious fighter
scarlet was still struggling with her hate for lunars and love for wolf when she got a free ticket fly to the moon .

in fact i have so much to say , I asked myself this like , thousand times
lunar chronicles was on my TBR for three or four months ! i kept postponing it ! what was I thinking ?
its so fascinating and out of the world admirable how with every new story with every new detail things make new turns the results are always epic .
when i read cinder i thought "this is a good book" , i read scarlet and i thought now I am sure all the series books gonna be as amazing , i had no doubt
but i was wrong because cress is not as good , its better ! , the best among the three books .
the thing about this series is that though every book is an adaptation of a different fairy tale
but its all interlaced
every story merged with the others' details , growing and progressing side by side
details of every story are knitted slowly perfectly in the background till the awaited beginning comes
you are never thrown in the middle of the nowhere , in the middle of the story
each story would get some shadowing in the previous book , you'd get to know the characters before their story starts
its not several stories gathered in a series , its a ONE BIG STORY

so enjoyable , not a moment of boredom , every line worth , you can't skip a word .. full of adventure , the type that keeps you on the edge of your seat and....
OKAY , let me not repeat myself
so now its obvious that i really love this series :D


Movie adaptation;
yeah you've read it right , but its not like there is such a thing or anything
QUESTION IS : why this series is not turned into a movie yet ?
why ?
it would make a marvelous movie
multiple main characters , high fantasy future adventure science fiction , events taking place in almost all over the world
New Beijing China , France , Africa , earth and moon ..
i wish this series would be turned into a movie .

the next book :
so excited to read it , to get to know winter " i dont doubt marissa meyer's ability to write 8 perfect admirable main characters in one series "
jacin seems rude now , but i think this for sure gonna change with reading winter

and Cinder , though she is still struggling with her new identity
but she , the beautiful soul she holds , would find a way
not a step late , not heartbeat less
she is going to make it , i believe .

He shrugged “The people of Luna don’t need a princess. They need a revolutionary.”

Cinder furrowed her brow. “A revolutionary,” she repeated.

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