Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Gildemer Volume One Book Review

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

i can't rate it or write a review at the moment
I am a bit confused , this seems as if it was cut midway . I really should figure out if there is something wrong with my copy .
its so short , this can't be the end.

***EDIT ***

Source : I received a digital copy of this book from the author on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author A.S. Oren.

Rating : 3.5 stars

well , this was such a nice simple story , suits children and all .
i really liked it , but it was SO short
i was utterly surprised when i discovered there were no more pages to read , it was so nice and beautifully gripping at the beginning I didn't even recognize that it is 162 pages only .
this is almost a short story .

The Characters :
a bit confusing at the beginning , i kept re-reading what was written " grey skin , black nails , tail " and then " fair white skin with gorgeous green eyes " .
I was like " huh ? "
but then i realized what these Humakats are and my imagination settled upon something like this ..

KOI except for the scarlet eyes

while Gappy

Well thats the closest i got :#

other than this Gappy was so nice and kindhearted while koi was rude at times and there was amon whom we didnt know much about .
i dont think mirabelle was as annoying as they claimed her to be . its just they didnt love her neither koi nor his family (etu , juju ..) and the little girl juju is a sweetheart ..

The Story
in fact if i wanted to criticize the story i would say it was so fast paced , was of-course insta-love(ish) , people were like "i hate for no reason-i love you for no reason " , there were many gaps
but well , i wont..
because that's what cartoons were like , we were used to these type of stories when we were children . it doesn't always make sense , shouldn't always be logical . its a nice story , that's all .

in a world with two moons and the blue planet earth is obvious glorious in the sky
here lives Gabriella (Gappy) as a servant working to pay her family debt to educate her twin sister
with her friend Mary-ann she works on making bread which the second prince Etu loves ( Haha its just so Disney-like that bread covered by sweet butter can receive so much appreciation )
her dream that she can't tell anybody about , because its illegal , is to learn how to write and read
she gets curious with a bit courage she would dress like a student and head to the classes to eavesdrop the lessons but to her disappointment they were soundproof and in her way back to the kitchen while passing by the roses garden she meets koi , the events continue to progress and she end up being Etu servant , koi discovers that she has been impersonating a person of a higher branch
death is the punishment IF Koi told on her .
which he didn't .
koi telling her he wouldn't tell anybody if she followed the Law from now over and while we were there waiting to know what may happen next
*if koi is going to keep his promise
*koi wedding to merablle
*all the drama about amon Etu koi merablle
*her family's story !
*her sister and childhood friend
*Gappy's new life

in the middle of all that

in the middle of a conversation

i was turning the page

waiting to read another line

another page

and suddely


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