Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Awakening Book Review

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*source : I received an ebook copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review
Thanks to author Melissa A. Craven

Ok first let me tell that what i liked the most about this book is the general idea , the whole "immortals" thing
I mean to read a book about immortals you would think
What would be the end ?!
It seems to logically settle somewhere beyond infinity
Or that you are reading a book with a story of a time span of thousands of years
this idea is kind of alluring
you read through out the book and you recognize that being an immortal means an infinity number of heart breaks and the acceptance of the word move-on wholeheartedly
melissa written " the enormity of loss couldnt be born without the promise of something greater " ...

i also loved the parts when the old ones shared their stories
The two thousands years old viking Liam .
Seamus was born as Gilgamesh like thousands years ago .
Greg the Celtic lived with the Romans and met Jesus at some point of his life .
Emma as a pirate or a spoiled princess .
And Naeemah , i think i always enjoyed reading about her past life
the daughter of Senenmut and Hatshepsut in ancient Eygpt and then decades after on the other part of the world she is the beautiful Mumtaz Mahal for whom the beautiful Taj Mahal was built by the grief-stricken emperor , and hundreds of years after Naeemah is a modern lady working in a museum
all living in the 21st century , using iphones and watching TV .
this interaction of cultures and eras in the characters is thrilling

one more thing i liked Is that sometimes the environment , the circumstances were well carved
Didnt she mention once the miserere a9 ? I never knew whats that
I downloaded it and listened to it
Its was perfectly matching the situation , with the shady grotto and the palatial home on the ridge !

with all what i mentioned you'd think then why not 5 stars !
in fact this is just a part of it , not even a big part . many chapters were occupied by too many long conversations , unnecessary details about training or running through the woods .
I didn't form a strong bond with main characters them selves
They are not the reason behind my fascination .
I like the subject , the mythology like in The part from the book of Indriell Queens , i enjoyed reading these few pages .

The pace is variable , Its like you're in slow motion , Everything is so slow and suddenly
boom !
Its running , so fast
That you have to re_read to get what's happening .
It been always like this in this book , You never know whats next .
One moment you're in an horror movie the next in an amusing light conversation . Once looking boringly at the sky next everything is burning .
The events are flexible , unsettled and wavering
so its a moody book , BE CAREFUL :D

The end is Good
Navid was a secret , it was nagging me every now and then
whats about navid ?
Allie, i knew that she had something with the prophecy and all , but i didnt think it would be revealed in this book And just like greg i thought its aiden not allie the chosen .
But all the lines were gathered in the very last lines of the last chapter.

The best of the book lies somewhere between chpt 10-19 and then 39-44

i recommend the book to YA fiction readers and those who like ancient mythology .
Here , you are going to meet some of your favorite heroes and heroines dressed in Armani suits and modern dresses .

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