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Cinder Book Review

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”.

This is a cinderella story, and who doesn't love cinderella ?

it really is an amazing book
i consider that Marissa Meyer's choice to write a story like this is totally BOLD .
you would think " we know the story already , what ever is the change it still is predictable "
No , at all , its exiting not a moment of boredom and not at all predictable .
there are many changes in the original story but still you can feel the cinderella spirit all around.

it happens in the future , very far future i suppose because there is a community living on the moon (exciting , right ? )
when some people are turned to cyborgs (part human- part robot) for one reason or another (like accidents and so on ...) , when they use hovers and net-screens and robots are the human best friend .

There lives our cinderella "Linh cinder"

a mechanic , a cyborg supposed to have turned into one after some accident when she was eleven living with her step mother and two step sisters in the city of New Beijing , China .
she is smart , sarcastic , independent , never matters that she is a cyborg and mechanic covered with grease stains , she knows that she's a special snowflake , that its ok if the world didnt realize.
and here comes prince kai , who is not an arrogant prince on the horse looking for a damsel in distress .
his father "i think a good emperor he was " dies of plague and leaves the lunar-earthean complicated issues to be solved by the young prince . he knew he wasnt ready and that's a good point !
if you know you are flawed , you can fix it
Responsible , loyal to his country and his decisions were all smart and wise , with all the "fairy tale prince " aura .

there is also "Dr.erland" his arguments with cinder are quite fun and last but not least the shhooooo cute Iko
putting lipstick , and being so dramatic about the prince and the ball . that she wasn't there by the end made me one sad panda *
but still , cinder has the personality chip , na ?

the pace was fast and exciting and i wasn't bored for a single moment . the romance too nice and subtle , this book is love
it even is better than the original story ,because this one makes a little sense .
its not the insta-love we know in the original cinderella story , that can fool children but , its kind of annoying when you are adult .
Here its all fairy-like but no gaps and no nonsense , its just beautiful .

and i can keep talking about this till forever
But :
1- i gotta hurry up read the next book , see what happened with our dear Cinder !
2- if you haven't read the book , yet
then poor you !!!
Go ! Read it .

P.S. : I think this series hold so much more for us .
the next books are in haze now , but to me they seem too inviting , too promising .

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