Monday, 19 September 2016

Tuesdays With Morrie Book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

what a book , now i have this feeling , you know , this feeling , the one you have before shedding a tear . and though i know i wont cry , but it still is there ..
Here is the story of a teacher and a student and their last lessons together
they talked about everything : life , death , emotions, family , love , culture .. everything

a loving compassionate old man who is dying , still so optimistic and young man , looking for answers .
morrie knew he had something special inside , these long years he lived , the conclusions he made out of life , he didnt want them all to fade into oblivion . so he chose someone to hand it all to .

i loved the book , this is not the type of books that someone would like to read , would love to read
no , its the type you NEED to read at some point in your life .
one of these books that would change the way you see things , you would see things from a different perspective , a clearer , brighter , more peaceful one . like , you are never the same person after reading it .

i wasn't sure if the story was real or not till i read the last pages , when i realized it was .
that morrie is someone who really existed , that somewhere in this world that tomb On a hill, beneath a tree, overlooking a pond , exists .

“You’ll come to my grave? To tell me your problems?”
My problems?
“Yes.” And you’ll give me answers? "
“I’ll give you what I can. Don’t I always?”
I picture his grave, on the hill, overlooking the pond, some little nine foot piece of earth
where they will place him, cover him with dirt, put a stone on top. Maybe in a few weeks? Maybe in a few days? I see mysef sitting there alone, arms across my knees, staring into space.
It won’t be the same, I say, not being able to hear you talk. “Ah, talk ...”
He closes his eyes and smiles.
“Tell you what. After I’m dead, you talk. And I’ll listen.”

doesn't it shock you , the normality of it ?
though i know that morrie was struggling with the idea of death just like everyone else , but not to show , or to accept it or to be in peace wit it , is a bravery , how beautiful and comforting it is to be in such a peace with your self and the world .

but one only thing snatched this one little fifth star from the rating, it was a little bleak
yes , its a death book , it may be bleak for what it is , but still ..
I THINK just if mitch albom changed the sequence
the book here starts with morrie being sick , counting his days toward death then through their lessons they would remember their days together in college or morrie's past life
this sequence gave it the bleakness . it should have started with that scene when morrie entered the class for the first time , waited for a good fifteen minutes, before he breaks in with a whisper. 'What's happening here?
they would be friends , talk and laugh and eat together , years after mitch would leave and get busy with life . there would be an empty page with only " SIXTEEN YEARS AFTER " in it , after we would know about morrie's disease and the whole thing .
it would have been less bleak a little brighter and more intense .
here it started with the idea of death and ended with it , change the sequence that it would start with life and end with the inevitable death .

but all in all i really liked the book
"Love each other or perish " morrie would say . many lines of this book are unforgettable
they get into you , talk to your soul .
so i would recommend it for those who needs to be in peace with them selves , this is a life changing book . very beautiful TBH ..

"Its natural to die " he said
" The fact that we make such a big hullabaloo over it
is all because we don’t see ourselves as part of nature. We think because we’re human we’re something above nature.”
He smiled at the plant.

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