Sunday, 18 September 2016

Poison Study Book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yelena and valek i admire them both , They are the " i do every thing my way " kind of a person
Though they are different but both admirable the same way.

how much i like yelena , i am even kind of fond of her at the moment .
She is perfectly The girl that holds her own.

You would expect from an orphan spent her last years either in prison or in a horrible torture room to be kind of psychotic , depressed or at least a drama queen..
But she is totally rational , smart , taking her best chances of survival and Making almost the very best decisions in every situation and most importantly she is opened to life , a vividly colored soul
A soul searching life , love and hope
With all her trembling hands , panting breathing and raging thoughts she would manage to win the battle at the end
Yelena describing her joy , ecstasy and anticipation when she was in the acrobat competition regardless to the fact that she had to run for her life away from a terrible torture was one thing to admire
She manages to find rays of life in the most dreadful situations
Like " there is always a chance to live never matters how"

Enough of yelena ,
about other characters..
Every one of them falls into place
Valek is a captivating one
Though His presence was blurred .. He wasnt there most of the time , as if he was in the background
There should be a valek's POV novella

Brazell , riyad ghost , the commander ,irys , even janco , ari and rand
Every single character was playing its role in the plot perfectly to end up making an amazing fantasy book.

the encounter in the commanders mind reminded me of "inception" the movie
the battle and the conversation in the subconscious of someone

The end was perfect for a first book in a series
An end that wouldnt leave things midway, but still exciting and promising to keep reading the next book .

I knew it
Once i read the description i thought ''thats my next book to read
I was hoping it never disappoints me and it didnt fail my hope .

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