Sunday, 18 September 2016

Before I Fall Book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book because i really liked delirium series which is written by the same writer , lauren oliver

For some reason i didnt get it , i mean i never get this american high schools dramas , they feel a little bit exaggerated ..
many things felt so wrong , even for a mean girl to do .
and Maybe because it didnt happen that i met people neither like lendsay or sam nor like juliet sykes i kept thinking :

How can some one be that mean and humiliate people for no reason ?
How comes juliet haven't punched lendsay in the face yet ?

But , you know what ? I trust lauren oliver .
And i knew that i'll find something really worth reading soon or sooner
And i did

Though i was Restless reading the forth day for example , even it was the same with the days before
But the fifth day was nice
The sixth was nicer
The seventh i actually liked it . i mean it did make me feel sad and even involved in the story .

I think lauren oliver likes the concept , to prove something prove it in the least expected to have it
to prove love .. Write a book about a place where love is outlawed , she ended up writing delirium
To prove a human holds good inside , Never matters what
prove it in a mean girl who is careless and bad enough to ruin some girl's life and lead her to suicide just for fun .
to prove life is short and precious , tell them the story of the last day in the life of a teenager thought she may live forever , thought that life is long and promising .
she ended up writing Before I Fall

though its a story about death it wasn't dull .
it was also kinda different ... reading a story from the bad girl POV
you know , books are usually written from THE POV of juliet-like-girls

so in few words : it was a good book
specially the last 40% of it which was a burst of feelings .
and for "my favorite characters" in this book i would choose :

The " thamy , can i thtay home with you , pleath ? " IZZY
The " Sometimes I'm afraid of what I'm leaving behind " KENT

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