Monday, 26 September 2016

The Selection Book Review

The Selection (The Selection, #1)The Selection by Kiera Cass
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 stars and i feel generous

i don't have much against this book but i don't like much of it either
i mean i am a fan of dystopian novels and its slightly dystopian , i love fairy tales re-tellings and its kinda cinderella inspired

then i started reading and it was obvious that there was a love-triangle ahead of us which i dreaded
because if there is anything i may hate in a book " though Hate and Book are two words that should never gather in a sentence " it would be a love-triangle
i thought it would feel horrible , but then it didn't bother me much
may be because i shipped no one , maybe because i didn't connect well with both aspen's and maxon's characters
the only character i felt slightly connected to was america and thats due to the story being told from her POV
thats why i tend to like reading multi-pov novels

The Characters :

America singer :
i like that this girl is good at heart
she is a down to earth person
but by the end something didn't feel right
her ,maxon and aspen , there was something wrong , a feeling of dislike flared inside of me
one more thing is I dont like her name , its too obvious and too mainstream

Aspen :
i really did feel bad for aspen for a start , and what he did at the beginning was a noble act ..
to push her try her luck is something out of true love
but still by the end as it didnt work well with everything else in the story , it didn't for aspen too

Maxon :
he is not whatever i expected
i expected some mysterious charismatic character , we had a boy who is trapped at the game of selection and is okay with getting a life companion out of it

me and the secondary characters
i always have some favorite secondary character and here it is May !
she is lovely and full of life

the plot was a bit childish but i was okay with it
the world building lacks too much , there were many gaps , there should have been more details for it to be more comfortable for my perseption ..

The end of this story was , well ....
yeah what ? well .... i have to think
it was .. kinda ...
not so exciting ?! should i have used more expressive words ? *rubbing chin thinking *
the fact is , i didn't have that heart flutter , so ?

all in all , it was meh but still it wasn't too bad
an easy read is the word for this book
will i read the next book ? Maybe.

And i suffered writing this review XD!!!**
I was too invested in The Rose & the Dagger when anne comment reminded me of reviewing the selection
so i decided , why not write it now ?
and i did
and was clicking the Save button all happy and at peace

Click *still happy and at peace *

the review disappeared
oh , wait , that was the Cancel button ! *Blank face*

i should write it all over again * No ! *

TBH , that felt horrible XD!

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