Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hush Hush Book Review

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

1.5 stars
a beautiful cover
a very beautiful name
well , that's a very good name , it lulled me into a false sense of security.

the first 80% is a waste of time , you would read almost 300 pages and you still wont know whats going on . i was struggling to get going , if its for this part i would rate it 1 star.
the last 20% is good , kind of .
things began to unfold . and really , if the writer did that to get us extra excited then she was wrong
because we are human , we get tired , we need a push every now and then .
any way , this part can get 2 stars

thats why i settled on the 1.5 stars rating .

the END
it was weak , casual its not how it should be , the writer should spare a bunch of excitement and a burst of feelings to the end .
my next problem was Nora , i was muttering stupid , idiot , fool , dumb ,... until i had no more synonyms in my pockets.
SHE IS DUMB and her friend vee is even beyond dumb
Why ?!!
after all the attacks why was she still choosing the dark narrow alleys to walk in ?

WHY would she go to portland , alone , by bus , in the evening
to investigate about someone who wants to kill her ! and they are there trying their next attempt ?

why did she accept the ride home after he appeared from the nowhere in a dark parking lot ?
that cant be a coinsidence
everyone with brains would get it .

WHY would she call patch when she was almost shot . she wasn't even sure he wasn't the one attacking her .
by then he was obviously a creepy scary stalker . let alone he was supposed to be in another city and needed a long time to get to her .
911 is a better choice
But Nora would say :" the CAP would think i am weird and glare at me as if i am crazy"
Well ,darling , that's much better than getting killed .

why for God's sake she didnt tell her mother ?!!!

none of her decisions made sense to me
i mean motel and a creep ? how did she went out of there with her head still attached to her body ?

ok dont get me wrong , i didnt hate the book or maybe i did
this story is quite good . fallen angels , guardian angels ,the heaven and love that you sacrifice immortality for .
this could have made an amazing book but i had expectations and they watered down . I mean God knows i have ...issues , serious issues about it .
imagine a 15 years old girl reading this , she'd think if she acted this careless she would end up finding her guardian angel .
well , you there dear readers ?
a real life version of this would end ugly .
Nora , with this amount of creepy stalkers in her life and this type of behavior toward it , she would have ended up robbed , raped, kidnapped or murdered .

i would have less problem with the book if the writer labeled " WARNING :don't try this at home " at the cover with red shouty capital letters .

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