Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Interstellar Book ( novelization ) Review

InterstellarInterstellar by Greg Keyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Cooper gazed down at the Earth once more, Professor Brand’s last words still fresh in his mind. “Do not go gentle into that good night…” He checked with Doyle, who nodded an okay. Then, without any ceremony, he fired the thrusters, and the Endurance began its journey out of Earth’s orbit, and toward the stars. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Godspeed, Endurance

I really dont usually go for novelizations , i dont even do this movie-book sequence because as books pave the way for the movies , on the contrary movies literally ruin books for me .

But this story is Marvelous !!, so beautifully incredibly breath taking , and i include both the movie and the book in this description , that its a stark exception .
this bewilderment I got reading or watching or whatever feels like pouring glitter on one's heart , i am walking around stardust hazing my sight , i mean , how am I going to deal with this shinny mess ?!
you stand there outside time , observe the immensity of the universe and how its too vast and indifferent to the dreams and the delusions of man .
this feeling it transfers is outworldly .

and the book here does a great job adding to the story , adding more depth to the characters , little more dialogue and revealing a little bit more of the characters thoughts , like this comparison or deja vu cooper had , its seems as if it was always there but we didn't figure it out , it reflects the feeling that the movie is multi-layered :

“Cooper, yes,” Brand conceded, wearily. “The tiniest possibility of seeing Wolf again excites me. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”

Cooper had a sudden sense of déjà vu, and remembered his conversation with Donald on the porch. “I’m not gonna lie to you, Donald,” he’d said. “Heading out there is what I feel born to do, and it excites me. That doesn’t make it wrong.”

“Honestly, Amelia,” Cooper said gently, “it might."

also the book did as much good job keeping on all the excitement and the action and the intensity of the moments of suspense in the absence of the visuals and background music .

All in all this book is enthralling , I am already a little bit obsessed with the movie , but look at this , we have a book too and it is amazing , very well written with the same breathtaking story .
It didn't even wait on my TBR list , i downloaded the ebook and started reading it as soon as i discovered it existed , so if you've watched the movie , if you like it as much as i do , I think for you this book would be a Great experience .

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