Sunday, 18 September 2016

Of Poseidon Book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

i am not writing a long review
in fact i dont have much to say

1- its a very funny book ( not the hilariously funny but the i-kept-giggling-the-whole-time funny )
3-i like all the characters and my favorite is emma
she is a well developing character , sarcastically funny heroine
4-includes a big deal of fantasy and the characters share a nice chemistry

i got few good chuckles out of it
sometimes the fantasy was almost drowning

The part of emma first encounter underwater
You know the scene of odd wreath of small fish tickling her hair and passing through her fingers flashed 3D in my mind
Then with the whale and the fan club of fish was following her around and all..
and the whole fins wandering underwater thing
it felt quite magical

may be i am liking this book because its my first seryna book
Maybe its the book own aura

the end was perfect
(view spoiler)

all in all , its mood improving , lighthearted , not deep but still not shallow and in few words its a romantic mermaids happy-go-lucky fiction book


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