Sunday, 18 September 2016

Unravel Me Book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That was a good book .

I didnt like juliette for so long
*Though i have to admit that sometimes i like the way she explains things to her self how she studies faces , notices the tiny details and counts the shades of gray in a concret wall *
But still ...
I thought " what a teenager ! "
I thought she is so curled into her self , Thinking about her own emotions and feelings ,she sees nothing beyond the ridge of her nose .
And now with the last few lines of this book i really wish she would change , Like to use her power , be positive , set every thing as right as she could . Her life is a one big mess !

Not that i am angry with the writer
No ! Never , Infact iam fascinated

How all these characters , the inlove weird controlfreak warner , the confidant charismatic friendly kenji , the just very normal human being adam , The rational kindhearted castle .
and juleitte [ who would do weak smile and twitchy wave for people when she recognized every eye was blinking at her just in the middle of a rising conversation , if you get what i mean] *

All these different characters are coming from the same brain . Formed by the same set of neurons .

But .. Its 4 stars .
Iam keeping my fifth star for my self because as much as i like how mafi uses words , As much as i hate these love triangles . And i hate that juliette took a bath , Slept whole night And then had a time for a conversation When people were dying out there including her own friends

Anyway ,
What would happen in the next book
Like , what is waiting there .. is it a disappointment ? Or a fascination ?

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