Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hana Novella Review

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Actual Rating : 3.5 stars

What ? ... Wait , Hana reported them ? Am i getting it right ?!
WOAH , i never ever EVER expected that !!
Why ? I mean No one really can get that jealous ..
That jealous that she gave up her best freind ! To the regulators and she could've been killed !

Other than the last few lines of this novella , everything else give you the feeling that being cured is much better . Much better than the dark wavering chaos
Though i know its not true
That you cant force people to do things , they have to choose , To find their way .
you cant settle in the middle of every thing , Sometime extremity holds some good .

But , here
It felt as being cured is a privillage
That world of darkness , sneaking , chaos and metallic music
It felt only Nauseous .
And i think hana wanted freedom but , wasn't lucky enough
Not enough to meet the right people
not enough to find the right path
So the cure was her only choice
If she moved an inch from that middle zone
It wont be extremely good, It would be extremely bad

Lena was more lucky , She had alex And She ended up in the wilds .
Which is a better choice than having your brain cut .

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