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Magic Study Book Review

Magic Study (Study, #2)Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

actual Rating : 3.5 stars

So far i really like this story , Yelena Zaltana is still one of the names that flashes in my mind whenever i am asked about my favorite characters .
But , the book still had its own pros and cons
Now lets gather for some schooling :
there were good things to mention here and there were these minor glitches
so let me recite them both .

The Characters :

i love yelena she is such a protagonist ! unsettling , fierce , brave , fearless and limitless .
“Done. I’d wish you good luck, but I don’t think it would help.”
“Why not?”
“My lady, you make your own luck.”

she is the girl who makes her own destiny , wins all the battles , she always makes the right decision and she has a heart of gold
"so where is the glitch ?": asks someone .
this is a good question ! let me answer this with a quote from Winter

" I have begun to wonder if perfection might be its own flaw. " Marissa Meyer

Valek :

i still have the very same opinion I had in the first book
We need a Valek POV novella .

He is an intriguing character , I Really believe if Maria V. Snyder gave him a little more space he would have received much more attention . we were waiting for TheValekAppearance for too long , it was almost 70 % of the book till he made his legendary entry .
But then did valek change or we just didn't know him enough in the first book ?
i don't like this cheesy valek ... this is one .
two :didn't you realize that almost always he appears from the nowhere rescues everybody easily then disappears to the nowhere ?
writer was like :
Thank you , now go stand somewhere till i need you .
Okay lets not be sarcastic .
valek was like a machine , he had a device role , jam-packed to the story whenever it reaches a dead end . then when his role is over , he's Gone .
I mean look at this :

I collapsed to the ground. Fire burned inside me. Tears and sweat stung my eyes, but I spotted Perl’s device nearby before pain twisted my body. All I needed was a second.
Trouble, love? Valek asked.
I need your immunity to magic.
A resistance to magic, unlike any barrier I could form, grew in my mind, blocking Ferde’s control. I opened my eyes.

was it that easy from the beginning ? i cant quite ignore this , it feels a little bit out of place .

Janco and Ari :
“Didn’t I tell you, Ari? She’s come to say goodbye after all. And you were pouting and miserable for days,” Janco said.
Ari just rolled his eyes, and I knew if anyone was miserable it was Janco.

Aren't they adorable ?!

Kiki and Topaz :
two more adorable characters if horses are considered characters XD!
“Trust “ Kiki said “Trust is peppermints.”

a wise horse , indeed XD!

Cahil :

cahil is a little teenagery
he isn't the bad guy of this book , believe it or not by the end he is going to help yelena
still he is the spoiled boy who was expecting to be Royalty
but i think not for too long .


* I like the tiny details , the history , but they were a little messed up . i mean it was a Rich plot , but a little disorganized and by the end it felt a little rushed also a little expected , there weren't many plot twists .
But all in all i like the concept , the general idea and the whole world building .

“Living is a risk,” I snapped at him. “Every decision, every interaction, every step, every time you get out of bed in the morning, you take a risk. To survive is to know you’re taking that risk and to not get out of bed clutching illusions of safety.”
“Your view of life doesn’t sound comforting.”
“It’s not supposed to. That’s the whole point.”

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