Sunday, 18 September 2016

Ignite Me Book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am having a bitter sweet feeling, I am sad its the end and happy i've read it .
What ever what i thought about every character whatever what part of the plot i wasn't okay with ..
I mean i may have never liked how it ended up with adam .. He didnt have a consoling end .
though i am not team adam , but not team warner either
but still ...
Its just that These juliette's love stories are not what i like about the series, she's a little dramatic and vain and she blushes too much , Its like ... Put your self together its pathetic .
But as i said , still
I love this book and the series . It hooked me right from the beginning and didn't release me till the last word and all due to the writing , i can overcome the whole characters-plot problems and tell you The writing is so good , is awesome , it really may compensate .

the End wasn't that satisfying was always this way with the Shatter Me series , Ends are not Mafi's best abilities , i think you cant end the series at the beginning of the war with too many things still pending !
but we have to look at the writing and , oh even with all the demur i still like it .
too many people complained about the prose being distracting .
i mean if it was distracting but good , why not read it ? i am okay with the little distraction , infact i am even grateful .
the prose in this series was one of its highlights.

I think i am going to miss kenji's funny charismatic conversations , jokes and banter. that was my favorite character .
I mean these type of people , these type of friends , Do they really exist ?
And james the little 10 years old kid , too bold , too brave and extremely lovable

Dont bother the pla pla you read above
THIS is a Good Series ..
and if you're a fan of dystopia and you appreciate good prose , you may want to check this one .

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