Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Sea Witch book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

source : I received an ebook copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

"Is a villainous heart instilled at birth, or do decisions and actions warp a good heart into a villainous one?"

In fact i started reading this book and midway through it i thought i was reading a lighthearted mermaids book , I so enjoyed the description of the underwater world
quite fun with mermaids , orange talking octopus , blue and green sea orbs and beautiful sea sparkles
sooo nice that it puts your imagination to work !

but ,then


I ended up with tears

God, i don't even know how did that happen and for whom i cried
I am surprised that this book did actually make me cry while its all so children-books style .
it took all the feelings out of me , anger , sadness , love , disgust , hate , ...i never had the same opinion kept for more than several chapters

the spell was broken , and i felt sad for Serena , i hated her by the end , then i pitied her
But , wait i cant forgive her for killing Triton's parents !
God ! She actually killed them and Athena , if she was a teenager pushed by her evil mother the first time , she shouldn't have done that again
I cant forgive her even if she is the book's heroine , was too kind , had the heart of gold , etc...
I hoped Serena would brake the role , would prove them all wrong and though she tried so hard , she slipped .
I may quote from my friend Garima's review as she described the same thing :
Every few pages, my feelings for Serena changed.
First it was like, get over it, it’s just crush. Then anger and disbelief for what she has done, then happiness for her, and then sadness and bitterness and finally again disbelief and anger. I know that’s lots of emotions in one sentence but that what story is.

i felt like they are all wrong but , i still couldn't hate them all , judge them or wrong them
Each had a reason But "End doesn't justify the means"
But still ..
But that what i was talking about when i said i had mixed feelings about it .

anyway now two hours after finishing the book , i think Serena's love was more of obsession .
she killed his parents , Athena , she was about to kill his daughter , saw him in pain but , still thought its for the better , she was selfish

Do you see now what you have done, Serena? You’ve created a life that is a lie. You did not win my heart; you took it hostage. You created a false life for yourself. You left gravestones in your path to get it

i like the book and its so thrilling that i am posting one of the first reviews .
and though its written simple fashion , the writing was the "okay" type , even kind of short , But it holds a beautiful message
that :
Those who believe happiness is a selfish pursuit , will never get it .

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