Tuesday, 20 September 2016

City Of Bones Book Review

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It took me forever to finish reading this book
a month and a half i think , i am happy that its over now it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders .
i read 5 or 6 other books while reading it and i am to write a very short review , I am not putting more effort into this .
its a little bit difficult to put a rating , i am not quite sure yet , thats why i am dividing the review into two parts .
PART 1 :
Writing and World Building :
the writing was good enough lets say , and the world building though has many similarities with harry potter and star wars but , still i am okay with it . the whole shadow hunters thing is interesting
the word " shadowhunters " can be enough to lure you start reading this book .

so if it was for this part with all the action and the fantasy it included i would have rated it 3 stars !

PART 2 :
Characters and Ships :
all of them , all the ships were awful there wasn't a decent admirable one relationship
not father son , not brotherhood , not love not friendship , nothing ! this (view spoiler)plot twist even though from my position here i can see it wont last long and that its not true , it still feels nasty and it flares this feeling of dislike inside of me i can not stand it .
and the characters
Clary :
what did she want ? that's the big question.
this girl doesn't know what she wants , and GOD ! her mood swings , i was perplexed .
Jace :
this , i think , was the character that should have charmed us all
Clare was doing her best to prove a point that it was slipping out of her control sometimes
and there were these repetitions , the way the writer used the same words , the same expressions , they pissed me off .
like this jace-is-always-grinning-whether-to-prove-he-is-the-princeCharming-or-Clare-had-no-other-synonym-in-her-pockets subject .
This made the writing feel weak and the language used in it poor in addition to the fact that its annoying , people dont do much grinning normally , you know , he is turning into a grinning freak .

if it was for this part i would have rated it 1 star !

*The thing is i didn't like the characters , i wasn't attached to them , i didnt care about what happens to them and as result it took me a very long time to read the book .

So lets do some Math :
which is my rating
all due and fair , though these 2 stars feel a little bit more than i should have rated it ..
any way this is a popular series with movie adaptation a Fandom and large number of fans and all .
I think i had high expectations , because of the hype and all and it definitely didn't meet them .

and Damn the expectations i was stumped !

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