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The Winner's Crime Book Review

The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy, #2)The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 shimmerig stars

If you need me i'll just be over here hugging all my feelings and writing a review ..

EDIT ***
I am the real meaning of "bewildered" now
This was epic .. Hell it was
Epic .. Thats the word for this book

where do i start ?
it was perfect
the plot , the characters , the world building and the feels !!



with zero exaggeration , Kestrel is the MOST intelligent heroine i've read about till now ..
She's so keen , so clever and so responsible
i admire her every decision , every argument , every emotion .
i have one conclusion out of this
Marie Rutkoski her self is a very smart woman
You cant create a smart character if you wasn't one in the first place !

Arin :

"Look at you, Arin. You’re made of so many splendid limits"

brave , fierce and passionate Arin
i was questioning his ability to handle his country , his heart and the girl who broke it in a single breath
a hard task
yet he fought his way through it
i wont say that he won because still there is the third book to reveal this
but ! to fight , to be brave is what matters .

Verex :
the prince i can envision him as a kindhearted king who would set things right
he reminds me of KAI from the lunar chronicles .

Tensen :
among all the plot twists in this book among all these unexpected things happening i knew how it would end with tensen
i liked the old man till the last moment
but that last moment is not included
because why !! why did he break his promise to kestrel
he just ... messed everything up .

Roshar :
i feel like this character is kinda metaphoric .. for what ? i dont know XD! but he feels deeper than its written
scarred face , nose and ears cut and a cub of a tiger in his lab , he has this lord voldmort's face in my imagination .
funny but feels like internally broken .
there is something in roshar contradicting yet beautiful
which i felt the same about Arin's scarred face .

The emperor :
he is smart not only a violent man
not the stupid who kills for he is scared
but the smart who kills or maybe worse with cold blood almost freezing in his veins .
smart enemies are always more scary
he kind of freaks me out .

A game. The dessert was a game, the conversation a game. The emperor wanted to see how she would play.

again should i mention , as i did in the first book's review , that i love the way all the relationships in here are honest , are admirable , that they are all not much expressed by words but much by deeds
so much like kestrel's and her father
"Sometimes she heard her father’s watch chime: a light sound, as light as a smile. It always soothed her music. When Kestrel played for him, the melody ran sweet, sheer, and strong"

The writing is fascinating , quotable and so poetic
even better than it was in The Winner's Curse , the words burned and shimmered , they interlaced then formed sentences to capture your heart
it was written so honestly that when a HEART BREAKS so does YOURS !
i loved the plot progress , the way uts slow and intense , every line rubbing on your injuries with salt and pepper , A constant sting to your heart . thick with events rich with descriptions , thats a point i would add to the writing , the way the author described the feelings , the opinions ,the characters inner worlds .
One More Thing
though through out the story Arin and kestrel didn't meet much
still the story was intense , The love felt true ..
They sacrificed , they fought their won wars , Yet it wasn't forgotten or dulled and once in every several months comes the meeting maybe a mere conversation and it would explosive !
Lauren Oliverhad once written on her FB page

" absence makes the heart grow fonder , unless it was never that fond to begin with "

I would not say better .

“The guard hit Kestrel across the face. “I said, what did you give him?”
she had a warrior’s heart, even then.
Kestrel spat blood. “Nothing,” she told the guard. She thought of her father, she thought of Arin. She told her final lie. “I gave him nothing.”

this book offered me love .. i would off course offer no less . i think it was even far better than the first book .
sometimes it was too beautiful to continue reading , i had to close the book and stare at the wall for a moment maybe to think about the deeper meaning , maybe because i had to cling to a feeling a moment longer before it slips or maybe just because it felt so ..

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