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My Heart and Other Black Holes Book Review

My Heart and Other Black HolesMy Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

" Music, especially classical music, especially Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor, has kinetic energy. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the violin’s bow trembling above the strings, ready to ignite the notes. To set them in motion. And once the notes are in the air, they collide against one another. They spark. They burst. "

I've been DNFing books for the last month or so , This book did just pull me out of a reading slump .
Its a book about people with broken lives , with the pressing weight of depression squeezing life out of them they have not much left , our two main characters are planning Suiside , but then maybe the universe has other plans , maybe love turns one into a flake , "Maybe flakiness is contagious"and what if "change of heart isn't about flaking out; it's about fighting back " ?

This is a story about finding your way out of a black hole .

Its too honest and the characters , the feels and the descriptions are all raw and authentic , It played in my head like a silent movie , the scattered short conversations said in hushed voices , the in between thoughts whispered too gently . The writer spoke to her readers as if they were made of fragile glass which may shatter if you were too load or too careless .
I love this .
What ever is the massage this book holds ,, whether its the transformative power of love or the understanding it offers of the heart of depression , its so genuinely beautiful .

Also Aysel is fascinated with physics, the lovely school physics and the reference of simple explanations feels really nice .

The writing and the prose are perfect , I couldn't but fall for it , I 'd read anything Jasmine Wagra is writing at the moment when published . The book has a TFIOS(ish) feel to it , I am surprised that in the many times I asked for recommendations of books similar to the fault in our stars none mentioned this one , I had recs like Everything Everything or Before I fall , the thing is while Everything Everything may have a similar story line but it had never felt the same , this book has this deep calculated sense , the wise thoughtful poetic teenagers and an excellent prose which I loved the most in TFIOS , jhon green had wanted too bad for us to understand that his book is not a cancer book , its not the story but the journey through it that matters , if one gets this idea , they'd see the many similarities The Fault in Our Stars and My Heart and Other Black Holes share .

there are many books about depression and suiside , but it’s one thing for a character to say they’re depressed, it’s another to make the reader believe it . The descriptions of depression were spot on , powerful and heartbreaking, and I think this book could help break down some barriers. may really have an impact on someone's life and actually help someone suffering from depression ,it seems to fundamentally understands the weight of it . The moving exploration of isolation, self destruction , weakness and strength, and, ultimately, hope. too much hope , this book is inspirational , There’s a lot of hope than you may initially expect to find in a novel about depression, but that deosn’t mean it’s a “happy” story , because it most definitely is not happy .

One thing is Aysel did have people in her life who were trying to reach out to her before Roman entered into the picture. her mother , Mike and Georgia , even her teachers in the school . I'd have loved if they were involved in the closure she had , because if love has this transformative power , love has many shapes , its not only Romantic love that makes difference , so I would have loved if she could see all of their desperate attempts .

All in all , its a contemporary with such a beautiful name .
How many contemporary I've read and never really liked ? too many .
How many times I was allured into reading a book because of an attractive title and found a weak or maybe a lame content ? still too many .
So, I didn't have high expectations when I started reading ,but then I was surprised to find it too genuinely beautiful .
It felt like a miraculous gift offered by the universe .

"Maybe it’s all relative, not just light and time like Einstein theorized, but everything. Like life can seem awful and unfixable until the universe shifts a little and the observation point is altered, and then suddenly, everything seems more bearable ."

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