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Every Last Word Book Review

Every Last WordEvery Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Actaual Rating : 3.5 Stars We seriously need half stars here on Goodreads , maybe they can use stars with O point something to be added to the Rating .


This story is about a sixteen years old Sam. Sam is diagnosed with Purely-Obsessional OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder ) , she is often consumed by intrusive dark thoughts that she can’t turn off. she cant sleep without medications , suffers panic attacks and she has this thing with number 3 , she does every thing in sets of threes .
she is a teenager , she's part of the crazy eights , a popular group , her childhood friends who seem to have some negative energy on her life , more judgemental than supportive . However, Sam’s life is about to change when she finds the Poet’s Corner, when Caroline ,a Girl who appears from the nowhere and becomes her very best friend , lead her there . Poets corner is a secret group of students who gather in a hidden room under the theater sharing their poetry and songs . Sam finds comfort in words and feels more herself in this space .
Most of the poems are heartbreaking , many are touching , they are all simple , teenager poems and that's what they should be , but they are full of the feels , i really loved the last one , the one Sam wrote for Caroline . The book was full of these moments when one's chest would tighten and you'd feel a knot in your stomach .
I really loved Caroline , she was everything Sam needed in a friend , She genuinely cared for her, she showed up when Sam needed her the most and she's fun and quirky with a bit of a sarcastic side . and I loved the notes on the T shirts , Later in the book You'd understand that they all meant something , if you complete the whole the book and go back reading when each note appeared it would make complete sense .
AJ and the other poet's corner members were each unique in their own way .
Anyway , Through out the book sam is in conflict with her inner thoughts and school problems . She deals with doubt and the need to fit in. she has this long journey of character development , or maybe its more of a journey to find one's self , one’s voice. she kind of walk all the way through the turmoil to find her own self in the end of the tunnel . and in all means " knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom ".

I think the book is more about a character who happens to have OCD than about OCD itself as a mental disorder , Sam was not her disease. It was inconvenient for her but it didn't define her.
we see how She tries to keep it a secret and she's pretty good at it .
The whole book felt like Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver , the main characters personalities (regardless to the OCD thing ) the writing and everything else , the two main characters even happen to share the same name .

I am slightly allergic to american high school teenagers drama in books if you know what i mean , i cringe at the cheesy moments , the teenagery whatever , when it started to be the total concern of this book i felt upset but then by the end of the book i have to say that i am happy to have met Sam and totally grateful to have read her story .
to get what I mean I'm to tell you the course of my reading . midway through the book I was in a down slop progress line in liking the book , I was kind of mentally rating the book 2 Stars maybe even less , Until the Twist . and i was completely mind blown . I even considered rating it 4 stars , I still feel like it . That plot twist was a huge turn in events , totally unexpected , this my friends, is the ultimate definition of an Epic plot twist . I cant think of a better way to describe it , it caught me off guard . i have to say I never saw that coming , then the events were suddenly gripping and the end wrecked me in the best possible way.

Overall , Its a contemporary more about discovering one's self and the true value of friendship than OCD .

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